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George Ainsworth - detail of watercolourMy work is primarily concerned with the effects of light over the land, whether ‘the land’ is the landscape, seascape or cityscape or a fusion of these elements.

The mood or atmosphere is created with the direct intention of creating an awe of nature or the natural elements. The light is imposed or exaggerated on the landscape, often in a dramatic fashion to enhance this emotional feel or reaction in the observer.


Modern intrusions into the town or landscape are often removed (e.g. telegraph poles, pylons). I prefer old cityscapes and use castles, monasteries, period churches and traditional houses to help evoke a nostalgic, if not romantic, view of nature, man’s interventions with building all emphasised by the lighting, whether early morning or evening or weather or seasonal effects.


The attention to detail is vital to help create this accurate depiction of natural or manmade objects. Colour is strongly utlised showing the varied richness of the natural and human world. This emotional response will perhaps motivate the viewer to ask metaphysical questions promoted and related to man, ecology and the aesthetics of life both visual and spiritual.

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